Where can I find movie novelizations for my own collection?

Here are some great places to shop so you can start building your own collection of movie novelizations:


This is probably the most obvious place to start. Being the retail giant that it is, Amazon has product pages for almost every movie novelization in existence. Newer film novelizations can be purchased directly from Amazon, but if it’s vintage books you’re after, you’ll probably have to purchase them from a third-party reseller. Be sure to search for novelizations by title AND by author. Without including the author in your search, you’ll most likely get a bunch of irrelevant results that pertain to the film itself, but not the film novelization.


Our same search advice for Amazon applies for Ebay — make sure you include the author as well as the title of the film novelization you’re looking for in your search. Here’s another great Ebay tip: try searching for “tie-in” instead of “movie novelization.” We’ve found that more movie novelizations tend to be listed as “tie-ins” on Ebay for some reason. You’ll also find that movie novels are often listed in big lots on Ebay, so you can potentially get more bang for your buck going this route.

Used Book Stores

Used book stores may not be the fastest or most efficient way of finding movie novelizations, but if you’re the adventurous treasure-hunting type, it can definitely be the most fun! Most used book stores won’t have a section dedicated to movie novelizations or movie tie-ins, so finding them isn’t easy. To start your search, we recommend looking in the following sections, among the vast collections of worn paperbacks:

  • Science Fiction / Fantasy
  • Horror
  • Mystery / Suspense

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Conventions for specific types of fandom or genres (such as sci-fi or horror conventions) can be another great place to find film novelizations, but beware–they can be pricey. Convention sellers often mark up their merchandise by a pretty penny, knowing there’s a steady supply of foot traffic ready and willing to spend their money on collectibles.

What about paperback swap services?

We don’t recommend paperback or book swaps for trying to find movie novelizations. It’s certainly not impossible to find them, but usually the pickings are pretty slim, as most movie novelizations have been snatched up by collectors aren’t circulated for sharing.