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Harper Entertainment

Sci-Fi / Fantasy

Elizabeth Hand

Screenplay Writer:
David Peoples & Janet Peoples

Faithful Movie Novelization

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The Time: 2035 A.D.
The Place: Post-apocalyptic Philadelphia
The hero: A desperate convict from a subterranean high-security prison
The mission: Travel back to the past to discover what killed the world

James Cole is doing twenty-five-to-life in an underground prison when he is offered a mission that could wipe out his sentence. A group of government scientists are sending him back to the past to discover the source of a deadly virus that laid waste to the world as we knew it. His first trip back mistakenly lands him in 1990 – and in a mental hospital. Here he meets a psychiatrist, who, alarmed by his prophetic warnings of the world’s fate, believes him to be insane. Also questioning his own sanity, Cole attempts to unravel the apocalyptic nightmare. His only clues are a haunting childhood memory and a series of cryptic symbols of an unknown group, the Army of the Twelve Monkeys.