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Year Published:

Harper Collins

Mystery / Suspense

David Bischoff

Screenplay Writer:
Rafael Moreu

Full Movie Novelization

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Techno-terrorism turns hackers into heroes.

Busted as a kid for crashing Wall Street with a legendary computer virus, Dade Murphy, now 18, is back at his laptop, plugged in and hacking with New York City's elite computer hackers--Fantom Phreak, Cereal Killer, Lord Nikon, Joey, and the sexy, self-assured tomboy Kate.

But the cool heats up when Joey, the youngest member of the gang, is arrested by the Secret Service and is charged by an oil company with a computer crime he doesn't even understand. As other hackers are arrested, the suspicion grows that a mysterious virus has been created by The Plague, a 'Dark Side' hacker with a secret agenda of his own. And although he's got a lot to lose--like a new life--he goes on-line into the radical cyberpunk clubs to link a global on-line team to crush The Plague and crash his harddrive forever!