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Grafton Books

Sci-Fi / Fantasy

Gary Douglas

Screenplay Writer:
Gregory Widen

Creative Movie Novelization

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MacLeod is the Highlander - a 16th century Scottish warrior, the noblest of the Immortals. Ramirez - the Spanish peacock - showed him his destiny and taught him swordplay. Heather loved him. But the Kurgan sought them out in MacLeod's wild homeland, and dealt Ramirez the only death an Immortal can suffer - decapitation.

Now the Immortals are gathering.

Seven lifetimes later in modern New York, the last of the Immortals face the final contest. One of them will receive The Prize they have awaited since the dawn of history. The others must perish. The Kurgan is strong - with the strength of total evil. Finally, MacLeod has the power to destroy him - and save the Earth from an era of chaos and darkness.