About This Book:

Year Published:

Dragon Books, Collins Publishing Group

Sci-Fi / Fantasy

Nathan Elliott

Screenplay Writer:
Jeffrey Boam & Chip Proser

Young Adult Adaptation

Number of Pages:

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"You're one of my favourite patients, Jack--I wish there was something I could prescribe to make you feel better. But it's not medicine you need, it's rest. Maybe a nice vacation. But remember--no excitement!"

But stressed-out supermarket clerk, Jack Putter, never gets his vacation. Instead, he unwittingly becomes part of a bizarre experiement in which Tuck Pendelton, a misfit jet fighter, and his submersible pod Kraken II are to be miniaturized and injected into a laboratory rabbit. But, at the moment of miniaturization, the lab is invaded by a group of Silicon Valley industrial spies who steal one of the two microchips necessary for the reversal of the process. As a consequence of the raid, Tuck is accidentally injected into the backside of Jack Putter. Ouch!

The hysterical chain of events are more exciting than Putter could have ever imagined.