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Robert Feiden

Screenplay Writer:
Paul Schrader

Faithful Movie Novelization

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"We gotta get outta here."

Joe's 23. He works in a factory by day. He plays in a rock and roll band at night. And when he straps on his guitar and steps on stage, that's all that matters.

Patti is Joe's sister. She loves the band as much as she loves her son Benji. But soon she'll have to choose between dreams of rock and roll and family.

When pressure from home forces Patti to pursue her music on the road, Joe is left to pick up the pieces. His hands were full being Benji's uncle; can he be father, brother, and teacher too? He barely has time to be a son to his dying mother. Have his hopes of playing with the band vanished with his sister?

It's a tough load for a young guy like Joe. But his dream is for the whole family, and he's going to see that they all get a piece of it...