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Sci-Fi / Fantasy

Colin Wedgelock

Screenplay Writer:
S.S. Wilson & Brent Maddock

Full Movie Novelization

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Something wonderful has happened... No. 5 is alive.

Strategically Artificially Intelligent Nuclear Transport, or S.A.I.N.T. to its friends, is the most sophisticated robot on earth. It can wipe out an entire armoured division or fix you the perfect gin an tonic. There are five of the cunning little devels, and Nova Robotics would like to sell many more for a butler that'll win World War 3 for you.

But when a chip-rattling lightning bolt sends No. 5 skittering off into the countryside on his own the panic button is pressed. What if he fries a busload of nuns? But getting him back's a technical problem--he's just a machine, right? He just runs programs. Crosby his creator, who cant be a bit of a machine himself at times, thinks so, but Stephanie Thurber knows different. After all, what machine ever got lonely or did John Wayne impressions?