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Avon Books

Action / Adventure

Rob MacGreggor

Screenplay Writer:
Alan McElroy (based on the comic book by Todd McFarlane)

Creative Movie Novelization

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Back From the Dead

Once Al Simmons worked for the government as a cold and efficient assassin. But he wanted something his top-secret agency could never allow: He wanted out. So the people he trusted with his life led him to an ambush - and his life ended in a rush of terrible flames.

Now he has come back - to the street where he once lived...to the woman he once loved...to the traitors that destroyed his body but not his soul. Al Simmons, though, isn't Al Simmons anymore. With a new body forged in the flames of Hell, he's an unstoppable weapon for chaos and destruction. Reborn, relentless, without a master he must fight the dark objective for which he was resurrected in order to prevent the approaching Armageddon. He is...SPAWN.

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