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Pocket Books

Action / Adventure

James Luceno

Screenplay Writer:
David Koepp

Faithful Movie Novelization

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Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men...?

Perhaps only a man on intimate terms with evil itself. Such a man is Lamont Cranston, cold-blooded czar of a criminal empire - until a powerful Far Eastern mystic makes the ganglord his prisoner, and his disciple in the occult arts that will change his life forever.

Armed with the uncanny powers to cloak himself in the darkness and control the minds of others, Lamont Cranston makes the crime-scourged streets of 1930s New York the battleground in a war against the dark forces he once embraced. The battle with reunite Cranston with his extraordinary soulmate, Margo Lane. And it will pit him against the unspeakable Shiwan Kahn - a brilliant madman filled with his ancient ancestor's lust for conquest, and appetite for annihilation.

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