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Year Published:

Pocket Books

Sci-Fi / Fantasy

Terry Bisson

Screenplay Writer:
Eric Bernt

Faithful Movie Novelization

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Los Angeles, 1999. The idea is to create the perfect cop through virtual reality training - a game. But before you can create the perfect cop, you've got to create the perfect criminal. Sid 6.7 is a digitally enhanced humanoid - a composite of Charles Manson, John Wayne Gacy, and Jeffrey Dahmer. In a computerized world of crime, he's an unstoppable killer. The only problem is that Sid 6.7 isn't sticking with the program. He wants out - he wants to kill in the real world, and what Sid 6.7 wants, he gets. He's hit the streets of L.A., and there's only one man intelligent enough, and desperate enough, to go after him. Parker Barnes is a former cop convicted of murdering his family's killers. He's been used as a guinea pig in virtual reality training and he's come up against Sid 6.7 before. Now Parker's got his ticket out of prison on one condition: take Sid 6.7 down - for real.

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