We’re proud to be partnered with the very fun movie novelization podcast, I Read Movies.

Hosted by pop culture historian and serial podcast host Paxton Holley, the I Read Movies show dives into the world of movie novelizations one book at a time. Each episode digs into the movie creative novelizations and focus on all of the little (and sometimes not so little) differences between the film and the adaptation. Whether it’s getting to the bottom of the origin of the Mogwai featured in George Gipe’s novelization of Gremlins or comparing the adaptation to the film to the original novel with Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Paxton reads and pulls out all of the cool stuff in each novel he covers.

You can find all of his episodes on iTunes, Stitcher or Google Play, or check out the I Read Movies archive.

I Read Movies is also on Twitter.

You can find more of Pax’s work at his website, the Cavalcade of Awesome, as well as podcasts he co-hosts, Nerd Lunch, The Cult Film Club, and Hellbent for Letterbox.